November 16, 2015

Radwin – On-Board Connectivity for Rail and Metro – Key Considerations


Our world is becoming 100% connected, with continuous connectivity a basic commodity. With an ever growing portion of our data living in the cloud, forced unavailability is fast becoming unacceptable. While we used to get some work done and consume entertainment in offline mode, being online is now a key requirement for many elementary services. From email, cloud based services, social networking and up to streaming media – all require constant connectivity.

Connectivity “dark spots” are becoming fewer and smaller, and as such they stand out to customers as poor user experience. One of the major remaining dark spot environments is the transportation industry – specifically rail and metro.

For a growing number of people, connectivity has become an important factor in choosing a mode of travel. A great deal of train and metro riders are daily commuters. This means they will be travelling two times a day, five days a week (at least). Even a short 20 minute commute (for the lucky ones) adds up to a significant disconnection time.

The transport industry is beginning to respond to this demand. A variety of solutions are available, with rail/metro operators having various factors to balance:

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Taylor Juska