The Future Technologies Headquarters is a space where customers can explore a multitude of innovative network connectivity options. Our Living Lab is a dynamic environment designed for integration, testing, and benchmarking of a diverse range of connectivity solutions. The Living Lab offers a real-world setting to experience and evaluate the performance, reliability, and scalability of cutting-edge network technologies, displaying various use-cases and ecosystem partner solutions.

    6 Steps of Engagement

    Through our six (6) step engagement approach we leverage the Living Lab to help our clients bridge from ideation to productization.

    1. Virtual Demo

    Use Case & Business Case Review

    • Virtual Demo: Compute, Connectivity, Use Cases
    • Define Use Cases
    • Business Case Review
    • Conceptual Network Design
    • ROM Budget Pricing and Bill of Material

    2. Living Lab

    Virtuals, In Person, At Customer Site

    • Innovation Center Demo
    • Living Lab Demo
    • Technology Demo & Overview
    • Use Case Demo & Overview
    • Technical Workshop
    • Next Steps Discussion

    3. Field Demo

    • Field suite case demo at customer location
    • On-premise network technology overview
    • Technology Demo
    • Use Case Demo
    • Performance Analysis
    • POC Scoping
    • Next Steps Discussion

    4. Proof of Concept

    • Detail Network Design
    • Smart Supply Chain
    • Network Installation and commissioning
    • Network Performance Validation
    • Network Optimization
    • Use Case Validation
    • Staff Training

    5. Production Deployment

    • Detail Network Design
    • Smart Supply Chain
    • Network Installation and Commissioning
    • Network Performance Validation
    • Network Optimization
    • Acceptance Testing
    • Staff Training

    6. SLA Support

    • Network Sustainment Support
    • Network Preventative Maintenance
    • Corrective Maintenance


    • Edge Compute
    • LAN (Wired - Fiber, Copper)
    • Wi-Fi 6
    • Private LTE – Core & Radio
    • 5G – Roadmap Q3 ’21 – Core & Radio
    • Facebook Terragraph – 60 GHz
    • Fiber extension solution
    • LoRaWAN
    • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
    • End Points – Sensors, Tablet, Phone, Hands Free (Realwear headgear)

    Use Cases

    • Remote Expert (Librestream, Realwear)
    • Computer Vision (Megh Computing)
    • Asset Health
    • IoT Sensors
    • UAV/Drone
    • Auto-Guided Vehicles

    Industrial Lab Capabilities

    • ~10,000 square foot warehouse/industrial facility
    • 35-foot ceiling height with configurable metal storage racks
    • 3 loading docks and outdoor trailer parking lot at rear of facility
    • Multiple connectivity options: Wi-Fi 6, Private Cellular (4G, CBRS, 5G)
    • Connectivity to edge infrastructure, local datacenter, Internet, and cloud providers
    • Network monitoring and simulation tools for testing bandwidth, latency, RF interference, etc.
    • Targeted Industry 4.0 use-cases and ecosystem partner solution demonstrations

    Technology Partners