September 15, 2022

Press Release: Future Technologies Teams Up with Anterix to Respond to Increasing Cross-Sector Demand for Private Cellular Network Solutions

ATLANTA, GA, and WOODLAND PARK, NJ, September 14, 2022 — Future Technologies Venture, LLC (Future Technologies) and Anterix (NASDAQ: ATEX) have launched an alliance to integrate Anterix’s 900 MHz spectrum with Future Technologies’ end-to-end digital transformation solutions.  The new cooperative effort responds to broad and growing interest in private wireless networks to address valuable use cases in select vertical markets, including oil & gas, chemical, government, manufacturing, logistics, aerospace, mining, and smart agriculture.

Anterix is focused on enabling private LTE and 5G networks for utilities.  Future Technologies is a specialized Lead System Integrator with over 12 years of Private Cellular project experience. Future Technologies provides industry 4.0 and mission critical solutions to their 180 customers by specializing in the assessment, planning, design, implementation, and support of innovative communications solutions, including private LTE and 5G networks in both licensed and unlicensed spectrum.  This new relationship opens the opportunity to integrate Anterix’s 900 MHz spectrum and its utility focus into Future Technologies’ Private Cellular Projects, which will provide a new cross-sector foundation bringing benefits to a broad range of customers. 

“Future Technologies solves customer problems by focusing on customer use cases, which dictate connectivity requirements and solutions,” said Peter Cappiello, CEO of Future Technologies.  “To meet those connectivity requirements, we absolutely understand the value and benefits of Anterix’s low-band 900 MHz spectrum, particularly its ability to help meet the skyrocketing demand we are seeing for private LTE and 5G capabilities.  There are immediate opportunities to use that spectrum to serve our Fortune 50, 100, 1,000, and 5,000 customers, and we look forward to integrating it into the solutions we offer across sectors and across the country.”

“Anterix is fielding a growing number of inbound requests for private LTE and 5G capabilities, and those calls are coming from diverse sectors all across the economy,” said Rob Schwartz, President & CEO of Anterix.  “With its wide customer base and range of integrated solutions, Future Technologies can help us respond to that demand, leveraging our valuable nationwide 900 MHz spectrum.  The innovation in these additional industries will address an expanding universe of critical use cases, and importantly, we fully expect many of these innovations to carry over to benefit the electric utility industry, which remains our primary focus.”

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Taylor Juska