September 2, 2015

Why not have over-night broadband delivery?




You’ve certainly noticed how blazingly fast some of the services we order online are delivered. Just click on your Google Shopping Express or Amazon cart and knock-knock the delivery is at your door.

It’s pretty much standard. We can no longer accept the idea of waiting several months or even weeks to get a new TV, new phone, not mentioning food.
So why do we accept waiting months for a broadband connection?

The question is why broadband can’t be delivered as fast as next day delivery from Amazon or same day delivery from Google Shopping Express? Yes, with broadband there is both the element of delivery as well as installation – so what?
If you are a service provider, this seems to be where your competitive advantage lies: Delivering reliable service and fast!

  1. Think of a small business that is willing to pay for broadband. It surely realized its ROI for going broadband therefore wants to hit the ground running ASAP. Who will he choose for service? The answer is: the provider who will offer next day connectivity.
  2.  How about MDU owners who need to serve a group of bandwidth hungry students? Should it take them 4 months to get 1Gbps to accommodate the churn?
  3. What if it was a subcontractor working in a construction site – a heavy bandwidth user for sure – should he wait half a year to get a 1Gbps connection?

In all these scenarios, fiber may be the end game but if time is of the essence it is definitely not the starting point!

In order to shorten broadband delivery times, millimeter wave wireless simply takes them all. With millimeter wave radios, you can deliver permit and license free sustainable gigabit capacities deployable tomorrow!

Taylor Juska