March 29, 2017

KUB Selects DragonWave Harmony Enhanced MC


Knoxville Utilities Board Selects DragonWave Harmony Enhanced MC for Smart Grid Modernization Project                         

DragonWave Inc.  announced the selection of the Harmony Enhanced MC backhaul solution by Knoxville Utilities Board (KUB). KUB is an independent agency of the City of Knoxville that provides electricity, gas, water and water waste services to customers in Knoxville and parts of seven surrounding counties (Over 750 square miles). This deployment will increase available bandwidth, reduce overall network operation and maintenance (O&M) costs and improve reliability of the overall field network.

DragonWave’s Harmony Enhanced MC will extend KUB’s existing fiber/wireline facilities to create a hybrid wireless and wireline network. KUB will use Harmony Enhanced MC to create fiber type connections via wireless, through the radios ability to support multiple channels with high modulation (up to 2048 QAM) in one small form factor.

Peter Cappiello, Future Technologies, President and CEO, “By selecting Dragonwave’s Harmony Enhanced MC for our bid, we were able to reach and exceed the capacity and reliability values required using 3′ antennas instead of comparison examples that would have required 6′ antennas. Each 1′ of antenna reduction decreased the potential for new tower requirements (CAPEX), as well as the re-occurring costs associated with larger dishes (OPEX), which made the decision simple for KUB.”

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Taylor Juska