January 15, 2020

Courtney Oechsle – Services Manager – Site Development Division

Future Technologies Venture, LLC is happy to announce Courtney Oechsle as our new Services Manager – Site Development Division (SDD). Courtney will be responsible to help Future Technologies support our expanding site development organization through her extensive industry experience.

Our Site Development Division is focused on delivering high quality professional services to help our customers prepare for their deployments through Site Acquisition, A&E, Environmental and other development services for all site types including full Raw Land site deployments.

With her the strong client relationships she has built in the A&E and Telecommunication industries, Courtney has worked for tier one clients and vendors deploying sites including all site development projects including full raw land tower deployments. With the strong relationships she has built and experience Courtney is uniquely positioned to help our clients succeed in their site development projects.

Courtney Services Manager Blog.jpg

Taylor Juska