April 5, 2022

Press Release: Future Technologies Announces Leadership Updates to Drive Transformation and Growth

PRESS RELEASE: SUWANEE, Ga.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Future Technologies Venture, LLC, (Future Technologies) a Lead System Integrator focused on end-to-end digital transformation solutions, today announced their leadership updates to drive transformation and growth to meet the market demand.

Future Technologies is focused on solving their end clients’ digital transformation problems through innovation across connectivity, compute (cloud, edge, hybrid, MEC), Automation, and advanced use case solutions. Future Technologies helps drive these initiatives through their proven six-step customer engagement approach and IoT 4.0 Innovation Center in Atlanta, GA to drive these digital transformation initiatives.

“We are excited to announce these leadership updates to execute on our growth plan to meet the markets demands for an agile approach to digital transformation,” said Peter Cappiello, CEO. “With connectivity being the cornerstone for digital transformation we feel very well positioned to be the trusted partner for our clients that are looking to innovate at the cross section of public network connectivity, private network connectivity, cloud compute and edge computing-based with our solutions. With over 12 years private cellular experience and vertical market expertise Future Technologies is in a great position to take a leadership position in this space. These leaders will help Future Technologies expand our frictionless approach to digital transformation and adoption of next generation use cases such as Robotics, Automation, Asset Health, Remote Worker, and Computer vision with proven connectivity solutions such as Wi-Fi, LoRa, Private Cellular and Public Cellular connectivity.”

Leadership Updates:

  • Ian Chan – President

  • Wendy Winkeler – Senior Vice President

  • Gary Hill – Vice President of Innovation

  • Paul Ruddy – CIO

  • Nino Canu – General Manager – Enterprise Business Unit

  • Dave Rumore – General Manager – Government Business Unit

  • Eric Dalton – Head of Presales

  • Val Sciortino – Head of Site Development

  • Nelson Arada – Head of Construction Management Office (CMO)

“I am proud to be a member of this growing leadership team and building upon the foundation of innovation that Future Technologies has built over the last 23 years,” said Ian Chan, President. “We want to help our customer’s architect their digital transformation journey with Future Technologies by maximizing the value of their existing infrastructure – Wi-Fi, Fiber, Cloud and Public Cellular, while layering in new technology – Private Cellular, Fixed Wireless and Edge Computing to drive next generation use case adoption.”

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Taylor Juska