February 6, 2023

#TeamFutureTech: Gary Hill Transitions into Role of Chief Operating Officer


After 30 years at Georgia-Pacific in various roles (CISO, VP of IT, CTO), Mr. Hill joined the Future Technologies team 2.5 years ago to lead our innovation efforts. In this role, Mr. Hill has created tremendous value for the company and our clients by providing the company with the “View of the Customer”. Through this lens, Mr. Hill created and executed on our approach to create our Atlanta, GA based Innovation Center to show full end to end solutions to include Network Connectivity, Compute (Cloud/Edge) and use case solutions to demonstrate the full value technology can provide to our clients.

Future Technologies Ventures, LLC is proud to announce Gary Hill’s transition into the role of Chief Operating Officer. In this new role, Mr. Hill will be responsible for leading Future Technologies across our Engineering, Field Services Organization and Supply Chain Management delivery organizations. Mr. Hill will also be overseeing our new innovation initiative by launching our “Living Lab” at our Headquarters in Atlanta, GA to continue our innovation journey to Future Technologies.

LinkedIn – Gary Hill

Taylor Juska