February 8, 2023

TECH TALK: Future Technologies Partners with Cox Private Networks to Deliver Multiple Fixed & Mobile Private Network Deployable Systems for Waste Management Phoenix Open


Future Technologies Ventures, LLC (Future Technologies) helped Cox Private Networks, the largest private broadband company in America, deliver two rapid deployment private network systems for this year’s Waste Management Phoenix Open in Scottsdale, AZ, enabling multiple use cases.

This strategic partner was looking to deliver to their customer a reliable, rapid deployment private network solution that would support two primary use cases and scale to support others.

  1. Provide spectators and tournament staff with the convenience of reliable wi-fi connectivity.
  2. Provide vendor staff with the ability to connect their handheld devices to the network for receiving and processing payments. 

Future Technologies was able to design and deliver all this with our rapid deployment Tower On Wheels (TOW) solution for private network communications.

Private Network Communications Components:

  • Future Technologies’ Tower on Wheels (TOW)
  • Cambium Networks cnWave – 60 GHz mmWave Multi-Gigabit Transport Solution
  • Wi-Fi – Access Points
  • Private Cellular Network – Band 48 CBRS

Contact your Future Technologies Account Manager or fill out our contact form to speak with a specialist about how a mobile vertical asset can enable the connectivity needed for your temporary or highly remote communication needs.  We can help configure and deploy the right public or private network solution whether that’s cellular, mmWave, microwave, wi-fi, fiber based or other.

Taylor Juska